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Acquisition & Buying Services

Buying an airplane is a fun process but, not one to take lightly.  It's much more akin to a real estate transaction than a car purchase.  You must define your needs, wants, budget, and so on.  Then consider the makes and models that best fit your parameters.  And of those, are some more maintenance prone than others?

Once the field has been narrowed, the search begins.  Hours are spent culling the marketplace for online postings, print ads, and off-market airplanes found through dealer relationships.

Candidate airplanes must be considered and evaluated for their history, times, equipment, condition, prices, etc.  

Then there's the offer...  How soft, or hard is the market on a given make/model?  What should your pre-buy evaluation include?  How do you handle discrepancies noted during the evaluation?  

Should you secure the airplane with a deposit?  If so, how do you protect that deposit in case you reject the plane?

These, and many other questions need answers to effectively navigate the maze of airplane buying.  Hogan Aviation has the experience and desire to walk with you through this process.

Our services are adjustable based on your needs, time, and expertise.  Call Jim today to discuss your situation!

Windy in Waco!

Windy in Waco.  After 7 1/2 hours pushing on 50 knot headwinds, we finish our flight from Buffalo, NY to Waco, TX, ready to begin a pre-buy evaluation on this beautiful 414A with Air Impressions - one of the top Twin Cessna shops.

A side benefit - Waco is also home of RAM Aircraft so, with a quick phone call by Air Impressions, we get a tour of their famed facility.